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Lifetime Total Raised: 



Number of People Helped:

1,000-2,000 people (Panama)

230 students (Belize)

42 families (Honduras)



Number of Club Members:

30 people


Left to right: Dr. Craig Adams (Parks College of Engineering), Crystal Bell (B4CW Vice President), Ms. Peralta (Dean of St. John's College, Belize), Sarah Koepsell (International Project Coordinator), Jeffrey Kelley, and Rachel Rimmerman (Parks College of Engineering).


The group above traveled to Belize in March 2018 where they met with many people, including faculty of St John's College in Belize City whom they hope to work with in the future!

Current Project


B4CW is very excited to announce our new project in Belize! Moving in this direction will allow our club members to be involved in the project from start to finish--from reaching out to the community, to assessing the need, to fundraising, to assisting in the implementation of the project, to keeping in contact with the community afterward. In having such great involvement in the project, our hope is to ensure a sustainable project that the community not only needs, but wants. We are ready to learn, be challenged, and grow as we begin this new step forward.

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