B4CW sent 2 students to Honduras in the Spring of 2017. These students, along with a faculty member, visited the community of Nueva Esperanza and identified two water sources that can potentially be used to provide clean water to the community of 42 families. We believe that solidarity is a large part of this project so in addition to identifying water sources, the members worked to build a partnership and relationship with the community members. The people of Nueva Esperanza were extremely warm and welcoming and went out of their way to make sure their stay was comfortable. These people know they do not have safe water and they are eager to work with our club to help better their conditions. 



B4CW spent a little over a year fundraising and working to raise awareness about the clean water crisis in Honduras. Ultimately, we decided that the best way we can help the families of Nueva Esperanza is by supplying LifeStraw Family units to each family in the community. These LifeStraws allow the families to utilize the water they have piped into their houses and instantly have clean water by running it through the filters.


In May 2019, B4CW purchased and sent the LifeStraw Family filters down to Honduras. Each family received a filter and were taught how to properly maintain the filters.                


If it's one thing the community taught us, its that a little can go a long way.

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped make this project a success, especially SLU's very own Zeta Tau Alpha and Alpha Delta Pi chapters.



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