Each of our projects seeks to end the water crisis, but in very different ways. These are all of our projects, both completed and in the works. Click on a specific project to learn more, see pictures, or donate!



This project is designed to serve the community of Nueva Esperanza, Honduras. This community is aware of their unsafe water but don't have the resources to make a change. We will be working with them to provide clean water.



This project was led by Hannah Vestal, and raised $7,500 to build a windmill aquaduct for a village in Panama. This project is currently being revised to better suit the needs of the community, with more updates coming soon!

Belize 2018


This project has newly begun! A group traveled down Spring Break 2018, met with many wonderful people, and is excited to continue their assessments and projects in the future.

Belize 2015 


This project served the Toledo district in Belize. Communities in this area have access to water, though it isn't clean. For this reason, we provided water filters for schools in the villages, in addition to a well.



The water crisis exists in America, too. A group of B4CW students spent their spring break in Flint working at water distribution sites and sharing the stories of the people in Flint.


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