Billikens for Clean Water has organized a variety of different fundraisers.

All fundraisers either have been for the club in general or to fund our domestic and international projects.

GoFundMe Campaign


This is an ongoing fundraising campaign through the online crowdfunding site, GoFundMe.

Greek Life Campaign


Our Greek life campaign took place in Fall 2017. We sent members to speak at a couple of SLU's sorority chapter meetings to speak about our international projects.

Water Week Trivia Night


2018 is the first year that we hosted a Water Week on campus. A trivia night was set up as an event to end the week off with some fun!

Pumpkin Sales


This fundraiser took place in Fall 2017. Pumpkin Pallooza, as it was called, took place over multiple days leading up to Halloween.

Spikeball Tournaments


Billikens for Clean Water hosted Spikeball tournaments as fundraisers for our international projects. We gathered students for an exciting and competitive event!

Billiken Backers


Billiken Backers is an online platform where we had a 30 day fundraising campaign.

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